Q: Can I buy everything on your webstore that I could if I visited The Cheese Shop?
A: We have hundreds of items available at our physical location that simply can’t be sold online including deli meats, our soft cheeses, locally made crafts, and much more. Please visit us as frequently as possible in the store to enjoy our entire selection.

Q: How are your spices so much cheaper than the ones at my local supermarket?
A: We buy in bulk. Our cinnamon comes in a 100 pound barrel, and many of our other spices come in 50 pound boxes. Because we buy so much, our cost is low. We pass on the savings to you and use inexpensive containers.

Q: Why are your products not all the same price?
A: Because we are a bulk foods store, our candies, flours, baking ingredients, spices, nuts, fruits, and snacks come in weekly in 20-100 pound containers. Every week we break down these packages into smaller bagged or cupped quantities. Our packages are random weight because it saves you money that we avoid tediously weighing out every package to be identical.

Q: I pay nearly double for Colby cheese in the grocery store, why?
A: We have a strict markup for our products, when our cost goes down so do our prices. Many of our cheeses come directly from the manufacturer, reducing our cost and yours too.

Q: Is The Cheese Shop part of a chain or franchise?
A: No. The Cheese Shop has only one location. There are other bulk foods stores located throughout the country, and some of them share our same vendors. The Cheese Shop offers a unique combination of products and service not affiliated with any other store.

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